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Oct 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
are focusing their search for them in this morning. all four are from san francisco. >> nato forces in afghanistan saying that at last this morning from a suicide bomber has killed three international service members. we hear that those three may have been americans. they're among 16 killed including police officers. the talent and is claiming responsibility for the attacks. at least 30 people were killed in a wave of coordinated bombings against and i rock. it is the deadliest day and i brought in nearly a month. the shia muslim communities these appeared to be the main target for these attacks. the bombings, and just after several inmates have escaped from prison. alcott and members escape that were serving death sentences. >> oakland police are investigating an early morning car fire that broke out about 1:00 this morning. you can see by this video the front half of that are engulfed in flames. rescue crews were brought and. someone at work at motel 6 spot of that car and called 911. the firefighters put that out quickly and they are investigating possible arson. a man and woman
Oct 1, 2012 4:00am PDT
afghanistan is morning kills three nato troops. and deadly attacks in a rock. >> a trial for the trial and woman accused of killing. >> we are seeing temperatures outside the door between two and eight degrees warmer than an hour ago. take a look as some of your bay area hotspots triple digits for danville livermore and fairfield. pleasanton climbing up to 99 degrees. but the store for the rest of the week coming up in just a bit as turnover to traffic. like conditions for east bay freeway no problems in the south bay is a smooth and easy ride along the peninsula this morning and no issues to contend with 4101 southdown. the raf >> thanks allot erica new security measures take effect epoxide elementary school that's a school where there was an attempted of the auction at the campus last week. >> good morning darius several measures are in place starting today including this one right behind me this is one of to new offenses that were installed after the recent attempted obstruction. the school will be under lock down under during the school hours there's one way to get into the school that
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2